Our Metaverse

Our vision is to become the largest NFT Wine Club in the world. All while sharing fine wines, our NFT collections, exclusive content, insider perks, resources, and exclusive NFT access to our annual vineyard event held once a year at our vineyards in Napa, California.

These real life events and real life utilities (fine wine club) are exclusively for our NFT Wine Club members.

3,600 Real Life Napa Grapevines Tokenized as NFTs

Enjoy the full experience of a Real-Life Napa Vineyard owned and operated by Wine and NFT experts. As the World’s First NFT Wine Club in the Metaverse.

NFT Wine Club has a unique opportunity to take on the digital blockchain space and purchase additional vineyards throughout the world as we increase our vineyard community.

Community members can expand their NFTs by staking and growing “GRAPE$” ERC-20 tokens.

NFT holders can mint limited edition wine bottles as NFTs for even more growth and expansion.

The blockchain gives our NFT Holders VIP access to sensational perks and real life utilities both for wine and the community.

Join Early Members and have full access to 3,600 Real Life Napa Vineyard Grapevines as NFTs.

Featuring a unique image and traits, each NFT holds something special in a form of digital wine grapes. Each NFT holder has the right to mint our limited-edition bottles and much more.

Take advantage of the opportunity to earn passive income with our Play-to-Earn games and our ERC20 utility GRAPE$ token.

  • Community: Experience a one-of-a-kind NFT Wine Club and participate in the blockchain world
  • GRAPE$ ERC20 Tokens: Stake our NFTs and earn GRAPE$ passively
  • NFT VIP Bottle & Live Vines: In addition to NFTs, we offer engraved etched unique bottles of our NFT wines
  • Napa Vineyard Annual Community Event: Full access to our NFT Vineyard
  • Wine + Education: Advance your knowledge with blockchain insiders, wine courses and more
  • Gamification: Game your way to the top with Play-to-Earn Reality Game
  • Metaverse: Access to the World’s first NFT Vineyard in the new #metaverse
  • DAO: Have a say in the direction of future vineyard purchase and management!
  • Optional Affiliate Program: Increase NFT floor prices with incentives announced directly to our community.