The NFT Wine Club community offers members real-life utility perks that allow access to earn additional tokens, insider updates to upcoming NFTs, and the opportunity to enjoy real vineyard events globally tied to vineyards built in the #metaverse. Unlike any other wine club out there, our vineyard is immersed in a world without limitations.

While it’s no surprise that people greatly enjoy a bottle of wine, imagine what it would be like to become a part of the future of vineyards and the artistry of wine collecting. Investing within this industry has become more and more popular, and by combining grapes and NFTs, there is an incentive to increase the floor price. Wine has continued to prove itself to be a top-tier resilient asset, and as a member of the NFT Wine Club, a new community can now take part in the advanced movement.

People Come For The Wine, But Stay For The Community!

Women, Wine & NFTs:

In an effort to diversify our community, The NFT Wine Club reserves some of our NFTs to be minted only by women.

We plan to also collaborate on other NFT projects in the industry that support a good cause and fits well into our wine community!

As NFTs continue to take hold of technology, the NFT Wine Club is extending the concept to cultivate a community where wine lovers, luxury, metaverse, blockchains, and collectibles meet real life.

With access to an exclusive NFT vineyard, including vine ownerships, games, and educational workshops, we are pioneering a new normal for the wineries of tomorrow.

As an innovative tool for effective marketing, the NFT Wine Club offers a real world Wine Club to receive our Napa Vineyard wines delivered directly to your door each month (USA only). If you’re outside of the USA, we will store your wine until 300 bottles (20 cases) are accumulated.  We will send out a full barrel of that wine personalized to you. That collectible, personalized barrel is one of a kind which means it can also be turned into an NFT for more value creation and collection. To those who want to participate on a higher level, this is a game changing idea for the world of wine.